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Our museum is a didactic project.
We work, through our activities, programmes and exhibitions, for citizens to find the possibility of sailing among uncertainty from the belief that contemporary art helps enforce critical opinion, enlarges possibilities of creativity, develops cognitive, intellectual and emotional skills, makes us better people and can lead us to change.  

The teaching in which we believe only aims to spread the liking and appreciation of contemporary art facilitating the process by an appropriate, playful and friendly methodology which above all boosts confidence. We aim to promote awareness and perception in people, develop both their creative skills and civic attitudes by providing a basic understanding of Contemporary Art History and the latest artistic movements.

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Places: Mace and Puget Museum
Goals: The main objective is to establish a close contact between contemporary art and the academic population, from university students to schoolchildren. The museum will adapt the contents of the workshops and visits to each of these academic levels because our purpose is to promote a better disposition of students towards works of art to get them to recognize them as real and positive values which enrich their creative skills and their outlook on contemplative, civic, intersubjective and critical behaviours.

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