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Within the framework of the planned program within the annual CIMAM congress, a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Eivissa, MACE, and the Casa Broner on November 10 are included.

The same day, at 6 p.m. At MACE, a colloquium will take place with the participation of the artist Zush, Xavier de Luca, curator of the Fundació Suñol and Elena Ruiz Sastre, director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Eivissa and curator of the exhibition "Zush in Eivissa" .

CIMAM is a worldwide network of experts in museums and modern and contemporary art that is part of ICOM (International Council of Museums).

Broner House was built by architect and painter Erwin Broner in 1960, and it was donated to Ibiza’s city hall by his widow, Gisela Broner. It is a Place of Cultural Interest in the Monument category.

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